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Finding the right parts for a restoration is tough, especially when there are so many reproductions on the market that either aren't correct or are made from poor quality materials. If you're here, you've probably been looking for catalogs that might help you restore or customize your aircooled car. Here are the accessory catalogs you need to correctly restore and accessorize your aircooled german car.

Why Catalogs?

Catalogs are the brief chroniclers of our times, to paraphrase Hamlet. Most catalogs are printed purely for mass market use; they show, without the taint of poor memory or agenda, what the ideal was presented to be like 'back then'.

The irony is, of course, that when restoring a car or other antique (or just something out of fashion) pictures are frequently all we have to go on. Details about most products aren't always written down in a place where they can be easily found and recovered. I hope to change that.

This Collection

Some Catalogs found on this site

The catalogs available here are from my personal collection. They cover the last gasp of greatness from VW during the early 1970's before the long winter that they experienced with the A1 and A2 watercooled vehicles. (I don't have an axe to grind, but fit and finish did deteriorate during that period.)

Other aftermarket manufacturers provided amazing accessories of their own. EMPI (obviously) leaps to mind. We have the 1970 EMPI catalog for your enjoyment and reference. There are other catalogs from this era that detail a specific model for a specific year. These have been added due to increasing interest in the site!

My main reason for putting this material up is to help aircooled owners thoughout the world find and identify the parts that they need to keep their cars original, or at least to make an effort at recovering some of the period charm of these cars. The present practice of slapping a Bosch 009 into a worn out Bug, painting the dirt and chopping up metal to make some Frankenwagen concerns me, as these historic cars aren't getting any younger and each one that it butchered is a loss for what they represent in automotive history. I want to encourage conservation of these amazing cars.

To that end, this website was created to display the parts available for the 1970-1974 years. Obviously I have a focus on this because I am restoring a 1972 Super Beetle, and these catalogs have been priceless and invaluable in working toward that end. These catalogs also helped me chart when half year changes were made, as well as function as a buyers guide when at swap meets and shows. You'd be amazed at the things that get sold at a show for a song because neither the buyer or the seller knew what they had.

Most of what you'll find here are parts from the manufacturer, but I've also been able to feature the 1970/71 EMPI catalog which represents EMPI at it's height of power just before it's sale to Filter Dynamics and it sad, rapid slide into oblivion. In the meantime, enjoy! Let me hear from you if these materials have helped you in your restoration or resto-custom quest.

For Sale?

No, I'm not really selling parts on this site. Like all 'air-heads' I have a stash of some groovy stuff, but the site isn't here to make me a quick buck. If you have a clever accessory that you have never seen in print before, send me a picture and we'll see if we can identify it and get it up on the site so others can be on the lookout. Who knows: Maybe YOU have a limited run part in your stash and don't know it's value!

1972 SB

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